We're giving away Endura hydration products worth over $2000

The Ultimate Subs Giveaway is here and you can win $7000 worth of MTB gear by simply subscribing to Mountain Biking Australia.

One of those prize packs comes from hydration experts Endura!

Here's what comes in the Endura Energy pack worth over $2000:

  • Rehydration Performance Fuel 800g (6)
  • Rehydration Low Carb Fuel (4)
  • Rehydration Performance Fuel Race Pack (4)
  • Energy Gels Box (12)
  • Water Bottle (6)
  • Shaker (4)
  • Visor (2)
  • Max (4)
  • Optimizer (6)
  • Gear Bag (1)


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We are offering a standout subscription special this Christmas, 36% off the coverprice when you subscribe to the nation's #1 road cycling title.

Stuart O’Grady will be Race Director for the Santos Tour Down Under from 2021 following the announcement of inaugural Race Director Mike Turtur’s retirement at the end of the 2020 event.

With Air Quality 'Very Poor' and even 'Hazardous' - we are being advised to avoid exercise and even remain indoors - obviously not the kind of news keen cyclists want to hear.