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The 2021 Enduro World Series will kick off with an Australasian flavour with Nelson and Derby set to host the opening rounds.

Hop in the Delorean and crank up the flux capacitor. Ben Sykes is heading back in MTB time with this steel hardtail from Norco.

Renowned company Dirt Art have been tasked with delivering the Mogo Trail Hub.

The Sight VLT 29 has come back for more and it arrives with a few improvements.

Derby now has its own MTB festival, taking place in April!

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We got our hands on the newest offering from Pivot, the 2020 Switchblade. What did we think?

In an expansion of their e-MTB range, Specialized have launched the 'nimble' Turbo Levo SL.

Merida have announced a Limited Edition for both the eONE Sixty and eONE Forty.

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Want to ensure that you're at your absolute blinding best for an event? Well you need to brush up on the black art of ‘peaking’.

Over time, even the best brakes will steadily loose their shine. Here's how you can give them a new lease of life.

It seems like all over Australia at the moment, new pump tracks are springing up. These tracks are great for learning skills and having fun with your mates, but if you haven’t tried them before, what are the benefits and how best to get started?

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Granite are experts in bike maintenance and are back with an ingenious little tool that sits right in your head tube.

The Fizik X2 Terra, true to its off-road roots.

Born across the ditch but taking off this side, Ground Effect have quite the reputation. Justin Walker got his hands on two common items to put them under the microscope.

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Part II kicks off at the adrenaline-inducing Rotorua Skyline Park.

Budget world MTB traveller Grant Stirling tastes his first ever guided tour. Was he a convert?

Can you handle the legendary Convict 100 MTB race?

Bicycling Australia

Rising COVID-19 concerns have claimed their first WorldTour event with the final two stages of the UAE Tour being cancelled this morning.

Coronavirus or Covid-19 … it’s a global crisis that appears set to get a lot more serious - We take a look at the impact on the cycling industry and sport as a whole, from local bike shops through to major international events.

As the countdown to the Tokyo Olympics continues, Cycling Australia have released details and images of the new custom track bikes to be ridden by Aussie team members.