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Bike Buller's big winners from a long weekend of Alpine racing.

La Larr Ba Gauwa Park near Bendigo set to offer 34km of fresh trails.

Mt Buller brings back the Super-D for the Bike Buller Festival.

E-MTB prices already up, but bike prices spared from tariff exemption by government.

National Titles split over two weekends, with big winners at both events.

Northern Territory government set to tip in $12m for mountain bike trail network in NT.

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Polygon brings 11 speeds to a sub-$3000 trail machine.

Bigger XT stoppers brought back for big mountain and e-bike use after long hiatus.

German dropper post maker builds post for big tube bikes.

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The sun's out and it's time to give your faithful hydration pack a spring makeover

Back to Basics; you may be able to get your wheels off the ground but are you doing it the right way? Mic Longhurst looks at this simple but often misunderstood technique.

So you don't ride really steep stuff and can't see the point of running a dropper post, well maybe it's time for a re-think. Read on to find out why...

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Unbelievable riding and equally incredible editing make this a candidate for Vid of 2017.

Western Australia's most iconic endurance event clicked over ten years in 2017, with the team laying on four of the best stages from the previous years for this now-legendary stage race.

Watch 'Sik' Mick Hannah come agonisingly close to claiming his ultimate prize - a world champion's rainbow jersey. Sadly for the 34-year-old Cairns local, it wasn't to be... but boy, he came close!

Bicycling Australia

On Saturday, March 17th 2018, 53 riders will set out for the 'official unoficial' Indian Pacific Wheel Race, a ride across Australia after the official event was cancelled earlier this year.

Boasting an array of desirable go-fast features the Propel is an intriguing, 
fast-looking machine. Gary Hunt has been riding the Advanced Pro Disc for review

In huge news Bicycling Australia's booming Classic's Gran Fondo events have partnered with Eurosport - Eurosport has been named as exclusive TV promotional partner along with numerous other high-profile co-branding initiatives and inclusions.