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Mountain biking is now officially a part of the Yaffa Media Cycling Classics.

Norco are putting a little backyard inspiration into the all-new 2020 Orbit trail bike.

MTB superstar Jordie Lunn has sadly died.

The range from Giant will include two new series: the XtC Advanced SL 29 and the XtC Advanced 29 as the popular hardtail undergoing significant changes.

American brand Specialized have announced their latest e-MTB in the form of the Turbo Kenevo.

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Mountain biking is all about freedom, independence and joy. But what if that essence was ripped away? Imagine no more. Welcome to Australia, 2030...

Tim Robson went to the Redback expecting 
a race. What he found was much, much more.

The Northern Territory is gunning for the title of mountain biking's best cold weather escape plan - and we reckon it's onto something.

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There's no funny business with this animal. All-round features combining to make it worthy of anything from a quick trail run to a week in the wilderness.

Everything old is new again for GT with its newest do-it-all trail bike. Does the Sensor marry progressive geometry with old-school attitude?

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Fox are back with another transfer dropper post. Ben Sykes headed out to see what all the fuss is about.

Aussie Grit Apparel is the brainchild of Mark Webber, the Formula 1 driver you may remember from his nine F1 round wins and 42 podiums.

The rise of online shopping has taken the retail world by storm and the MTB industry is no different. How does ordering something on a screen differ from walking into a shop and being able to touch it?

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Wouldn’t it be great to capture big and bold images to record your rides and adventures? Steve Thomas shows us how to up your trail photography game.

Heading out for a big one this weekend? Here's an invaluable refresher to ensure you have everything you could need

Getting stuck to your bike is not fun, and changing your cleats can help prevent it.

Bicycling Australia

From Wiggins to Froome to Thomas and now Bernal … Anthony Tan ponders the biggest secret behind the most successful TDF team in history.

The fourth annual Bowral Classic is on this weekend, Bicycling Australia’s signature cycling event and one of the Southern Highland’s major tourism and visitor draw-cards of the year.

The 2020 Tour de France course has been announced and the BIG winners of the edition will be you and us .... the fans, supporters and viewers.