Giant reveal brand new Trance X 29 + first women’s 29er trail bike from Liv

Pics: Cameron Baird, Liv Cycling

The Giant Group have announced the arrival of two new models including their first ever women’s-specific 29er trail bike from Liv. 

The additions take the form of the Giant Trance X 29 and the Liv Intrigue 29 with three models across the range to hit Australian shores. 

Both the Intrigue and the Trance feature some new tech called ‘flip chip’ (pictured below) which allows riders to easily adjust the geometry according to how and where they choose to ride. 


Let’s take a closer look at what both ranges offer. 

Giant Trance X 29 

A new addition to the Trance trail bike family, the Trance X 29 features progressive, longer-travel suspension technology. This is addition to the ‘flip chip’ feature should give riders a pretty good command of how they want their bike to feel. It’s located on the Advanced Forged Composite rocker arm and allows you to alter the head and seattube angle whenever you want. 


The head angle can be changed between 66.2 and 65.5 degrees while the seattube angle can be dropped from 77.9 to 77.2 degrees. This will see the bottom bracket go from 30mm in the low setting to 40mm in the high setting. Giant recommends the low setting is used in faster, more open terrain while the high setting is ideal for those slow descents. 

The frameset is ALUXX SL aluminium, so it has a bit of a retro feel and racks up 135mm of rear travel thanks to the Maestro suspension system. For comparison to the general Trance range you get 20mm extra. The fork comes in at 150mm. 

There are two models available in Australia. 

Trance X 29 2 

RRP: $4,499 

Trance X 29 3 

RRP: $3,799 



Liv Intrigue 29 

Liv is a brand well known for its road offerings but now the dedicated female bike range now has its first 29er trail bike in the form of the Intrigue. 

Described by Liv as a ‘a hard charging, versatile all-mountain trail bike that can tackle techy singletrack and aggressive terrain with ease’, the Intrigue takes advantage of the ‘flip chip’ system and Maestro suspension found on the Trance x 29. 


The Intrigue’s frame geometry and suspension were built using Liv’s 3F design philosophy. This involved gathering female-only dimensional data and designing a frame specifically for women, ensuring proper weight distribution as opposed to a more unisex approach. 

The Maestro Suspension tech provides riders with 125mm of rear travel and a 140mm fork. Like the Trance X 29, the Intrigue carries an ALUXX SL frame as well as a dropper seatpost. 

There is one model available in Australia. 

Intrigue 29 2 

RRP: $4,499 



 For more info head to the Giant website.

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