Since the trails opened in 2015, the Blue Derby network and the town of Derby has experienced phenomenal growth by building a global reputation for delivering the highest quality mountain biking experiences.

The Blue Derby team are now looking at taking mountain biking to the next level by signing a 3-year partnership with global cycling giant Shimano.

Tim Watson, General Manager of Dorset Council, was delighted to announce Blue Derby’s new platinum partner. "We are ecstatic to form a partnership with the global leader in the cycling industry, Shimano are synonymous with premium quality, reliability and innovation which is exactly what Blue Derby stands for. Even during our early discussions it was clear both organisations had the same passion and ethos towards mountain biking,” Watson said.


The 3-year partnership positions Shimano as the platinum partner for Blue Derby over the coming years, including naming rights sponsor for the upcoming Australian Mountain Biking Festival in 2020 to be held in Derby. “We have huge plans for the Blue Derby brand and securing a partner of Shimano’s pedigree will enable a greater global reach for Derby and Tasmania,” Watson said.

Toby Shingleton, Shimano’s Brand Manager was looking to bring in a long-term partner that was embedded into the community. “Derby is one of the true mountain biking towns globally, the community appreciates the value of mountain biking and understand what it takes to provide exceptional experiences, it was an obvious fit for us,” Shingleton said.

There is no doubt mountain biking is on the rise in Tasmania, with Blue Derby’s rider visitation up 55% this year alone. With increased digital presence and new accommodation coming online, the visitor economy is set to grow for Derby and the surrounding region. “Shimano is delighted to partner with Blue Derby to help build a unique and sustainable riding experience that is here for the long term,” Shingleton said.

The partnership starts in April and is set to run for a 3-year period. For more information, visit

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