Trickster extraordinaire, MBA favourite and all-round good guy Danny MacAskill has launched his own YouTube channel.

It was nearly ten years ago that a young trials rider and fairly unknown Scot broke the internet with a street trials edit shot in Edinburgh. “Inspired Bicycles” didn’t only spark Danny MacAskill’s professional riding career but also catapulted a niche sport into the spotlight of mainstream media.

Now, ten years after his first edit by Dave Sowerby was uploaded to the internet and multiple video projects that have racked up well over 300,000,000 views on the platforms of his partners, Danny MacAskill has gone solo with his channel.


Commenting on the move, Danny said, "“Better late than never, eh? I've been thinking about this for a very long time, because my approach to making videos just seems to be so much different than a lot of videos you see on YouTube every day. You won’t see daily edits popping up by any means. The plan is that I have my own space now, where I can chase some passion projects of mine. I have so many ideas on my list that I want to bring to life and I think that having my own space will give me more freedom to approach them. I will be kicking things off with a banger soon, just sit tight and watch this space!”

Check out the showreel portraying a decade of creativity, crashes and courage and join Danny to see future projects come to life -

You can follow Danny on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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