A new mountain bike park located an hour north of Sydney has been previewed at a launch event overnight.

The organisation behind the annnouncement, Synergy Trails, says it has more than 120km of "international grade" trails mapped out as part of the plans to create a "purpose-built mountain bike park".

The park, according to Synergy, will have the potential to host all styles of riding, including XC, enduro, DH and dirt jumping; in fact, it says that international events are already being scheduled.

And there is talk of a chairlift being installed at the property to assist with uplifting of riders.

MBA understands that the park is targeting late 2019 as an opening date.

"It will change mtb in Australia and it will blow your mind," read a social media post on the Synergy site. "It will also support mtb in the rest of NSW and hopefully sit amongst the rest of the mtb destinations in Australia as a family member of froth and enjoyment."

Other details are scarce at this stage, but the location, Glenworth Valley, is a private land holding that already hosts outdoor activities like horse riding and quad biking.

The venune has already played host to mountain bike events in the past, particuarly the Rocky Trail Entertainment Gravity Enduro series.

Synergy has built several high-profile trail networks, including the Old Man Valley network in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

The offical park name, branding and website will be revealed in January.

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