Breathe Better It’s something that we all do, but can it be done better? Steve Hinchliffe looks at some alternative breathing techniques that may help you extract more ‘go’ from what you’ve got. As cyclists, most of us would like to get fitter so that we can ride faster for longer and in greater comfort. There are numerous aspects to fitness but one of the most important is aerobic performance; our body’s ability to extract oxygen from the atmosphere and get it to our often screaming muscles.

We all know that stretching is important, but few of us make the time to actually do it. Here’s a stretching regime that just about anyone can follow—even with a busy schedule.

DIY Training

Want to improve? Want a training program that is tailored especially for you? Damian Grundy shows how to structure your own basic training schedule.

Fitness Fast

Life can be pretty overwhelming at times, especially when you have your plate full with work and family commitments. As a result, riding often takes a back seat and fitness wanes. When a ride opportunity finally presents itself, you're left as a wheezing gasping mess, flailing away behind your fitter riding buddies. This article will look at some small things you can do to keep your body prepared for cycling with only a small investment of time. Commute to Work

Ian Melvin delves into the latest thoughts in core stability as it relates to mountain bikers.