Anti-lock braking comes to e-MTBs

German brand Bulls have announced that two e-MTB 2020 models will come with anti-lock braking (ABS) as standard.

Showing off their latest innovations at Eurobike this month, Bulls revealed the Blubrake ABS is designed to prevent skidding, automatically detecting dangerous conditions and will provide assistance in the form of smoother braking to the front wheel.



German brand Bulls have begun including ABS in some e-MTB models.

ABS is legally required in cars and presents a new frontier in bike safety although it could potentially be seen as an unnecessary restriction.

Bosch has had an ABS system for a couple of years but with Bulls' announcement it looks like ABS could soon be a lot more common.

That's definitely the sentiment from Bulls during their launch with Product Manager Hendrik Gehring indicating the German company was looking to the future.

“We are particularly satisfied with the adoption of a highly innovative solution such as the Blubrake ABS system in our 2020 range," Gehring said.

"It is an important strategic choice for our new models because we wanted to anticipate the market regarding safety offering new and increasingly efficient e-bikes, which will certainly become central in the up coming seasons”.

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dsc_8722.jpgA cross-section of the Blubrake system.

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