Christchurch Park reopens


The Christchurch Adventure Park has reopened to the public, 10 months after closing after massive bushfires damaged the then-brand new facility.

Christchurch Adventure Parks General Manager Anne Newman is delighted to finally be able to reopen the park.

“Today has been a long time coming," she said at last week's launch. "It has been a really tough 10 months, but today see’s the start of CAP Take 2. The staff are buzzing and we can’t wait to see the Park full of customers again.

Anne said that new trails that weren’t in place before the fire would preclude more machine-built trails being built in the coming months.

The huge fire saw the Park close for 10 months, while logging of approximately 600 acres took place. The 26-tonne haul rope for the chairlift has been replaced, along with all four zip lines. The existing trail network was almost competely destroyed and trail building had to start from scratch. A significant section of the park has been replanted already and over 80 staff are now employed within the facility.

“We’d like to thank the community for their ongoing support, it has got us through some dark days and we can’t wait to be open again and look forward to welcoming the public back to the Park again” said Anne.

The Christchurch Adventure Park officially opened in December 2016 with New Zealand’s longest chairlift at 1.8km long and New Zealand’s longest and highest zip line. It was open for eight weeks before the Port Hills Fires in February.

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