Kowalski sold out, Highland Fling not far behind

It’s official; the Kowalski Classic is sold out for its final ever event in October.

It’s the race that put Canberra singletrack on the map, but encroaching logging works means that the Kowen Forest trail network near Queanbeyan, NSW will be irrevocably altered – and the Kowalski will be no more.

And if you were thinking of entering, your only chance is to get on the standby list, which you can get to via the race’s website.

Of course, you could always volunteer your time – vollies will get a feed, a tee, undying gratitude from their fellow riders and an enormous sense of self-worth from a good deed well done.

“Numbers are 20 per cent up on last year, and the wait list is growing by the hour,” said organiser Alan Vogt.

If you’re desperate to suffer for a few hours, though, don’t despair – there is a handful of entries left for the final instalment of the Highland Fling, which will be also serving as a major fundraiser for Save The Children Australia.


With four distances to choose from between 25km and 160km, it’s a great opportunity to ride one of the most low-key yet challenging one-day events on the Aussie calendar.

“There are a lot of regular entrants from across Australia wanting to celebrate the last Fling, as well as first time Flingers wanting to ride it before it's gone,” said Wild Horizons boss Huw Kingston of the 12-year-old event.

Go on. You know you want to.

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