Shimano launch expanded DEORE groupset range

Shimano have announced a huge upgrade to its DEORE product line, providing elite MTB technology at a reduced cost. 

The new 12-speed groupset, Shimano M6100, is marketed as ‘trickle-down component technology’ and will offer riders a 510% gear range as well as the 12-speed features introduced with the XTR M9100 set. 

Notably, DEORE has also expanded to include 10 and 11-speed options, giving riders a broad choice while being kind to their wallets. : 

Shimano DEORE M6100 

The new DEORE M6100 is designed to deliver riders a more efficient shifting up and down the casette via Hyperglide+ tech. The system also features a new 10T small cog. 

FC-M6100 12-Speed Cranksetsfc-m6100-12-speed-cranksets1.jpg

  • Direct Mount chain ring 

  • 2-piece crankset construction  

  • Single front chainring only 

  • Chainring options: 30, 32T  

  • Crank arm length options: 170, 175mm 

CN-M6100 Chain  cn-m6100-chain.jpg

  • New HYPERGLIDE+ shift technology 

  • Extended inner link plate  

  • Quick link for easy connect and tool-free assembly 

CS-M6100-12 Wide Range Cassette 

  • New HYPERGLIDE+ shift technology cs-m6100-12-wide-range-cassette.jpg

  • 10-51T (510%) gear range 

  • MICRO SPLINE interface 

  • All steel cogs 

  • Designed for single front chainring setup 

  • 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51T 

RD-M6100-SGS Rear Derailleur for 1x12 Setup rd-m6100-sgs-rear-derailleur-for-1x12-setup1.jpg

  • Fast and precise shifting 

  • 13T pulley 

  • For single front chainring setup 

  • 51T max cog size 

  • SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ technology 

SL-M6100-IR and SL-M6100-R - Right Shift Levers sl-m6100-ir-and-sl-m6100-r---right-shift-levers.jpg

  • RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifting  

  • 2-WAY RELEASE with push and pull movements 


  • Available in two models: 

  • SL-M6100-IR – I-SPEC EV 

  • SL-M6100-R – Band Clamp 

SL-MT500 Seat Post Lever sl-mt500-seat-post-lever.png

  • Quick lever access from grip position  

  • Available in I-SPEC EV and Band Clamp 

BL-M6100 Brake Levers bl-m6100-brake-levers1.jpg

  • One SHIMANO DEORE brake lever for both 2-piston and 4-piston brake calipers 

  • Quick brake engagement with shorter free stroke 

  • Optimized lever axle position and refined ergonomics 

  • I-SPEC EV compatible 

BR-M6100 – Efficient 2-piston brake caliper  br-m6100--efficient-2-piston-brake-caliper.jpg

  • Excellent brake control  

  • Compatible with SHIMANO ICE TECHNOLOGIES brake pads 

  • Inboard hose routing for clean setup 

BR-M6120 – Powerful, 4-piston brake caliper  br-m6120--powerful-4-piston-brake-caliper.jpg

  • Powerful brake design 

  • 4-piston hydraulic brake caliper  

  • Inboard hose routing for clean setup 

To top it all off there are two 12-speed hub options. Featuring radial cartridge bearings for the first time, they are available in 142 and 148mm specs. 

Shimano DEORE M5100 and M4100 

Whereas the M6100 promises riders an elite mountain bike experience, both the M5100 and M4100 offer riders more bang for your buck. 

Combined, these groupsets are a flexible lineup of components brings a new level of performance in shifting and braking with expanded gear ranges for 10- and 11-speed bikes while also providing opportunities for riders to upgrade their bikes. 

With a similar gear thickness between 10 and 11-speed systems, it’s a simple line-up. Available in both single and double front chain ring setups, the DEORE M5100 and M4100 are ideal for the beginner to the seasoned mountain biker. 

FC-M5100 10/11-Speed Crankset fc-m5100-10-11-speed-crankset.jpg

  • 52mm chain line 

  • Options for 30, 32T chain rings 

  • Single versatile design for use with: 

  • 10 and 11 speed systems 

  • 135, 141mm O.L.D. for QR 

  • 142, 148mm O.L.D. for thru axle 


  • For use with 2x11 systems 

  • 22-36T chain rings 


  • For use with 2x10 systems 

  • 22-36T chain rings 


  • Compatible with standard HG FREEHUB body 

  • 11-51T wide range cassette for 1x11  

  • 11-42T Rhythm Step cassette for 1x11 or 2x11 cs-m4100-10.jpg


  • Compatible with standard HG freehub body 

  • 11-46T wide range cassette for 1x10 

  • 11-42T Rhythm Step cassette for 1x10 or 2x10 

RD-M5100 1x11 Rear Derailleur rd-m5100-1x11-rear-derailleur.jpg

  • Redesigned to allow for a 51T maximum cog size for 11-speed systems 

  • SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ technology 

RD-M5120 10/11-Speed Rear Derailleur 

  • Versatile design for both 10- and 11-speed systems 

  • SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ technology 

  • For use with low cog sizes between 42T-46T 

RD-M4120 10/11-Speed Rear Derailleur rd-m4120-10-11-speed-rear-derailleur.jpg

  • Versatile design for both 10- and 11-speed systems 

  • SHADOW technology 

  • Maximum cog size 42T 

SL-M5100 11-Speed Shift Lever sl-m4100-10-speed-shift-lever.jpg

  • RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifting 

  • 2-WAY RELEASE   


  • I-SPEC EV or band clamp options 

SL-M4100 10-Speed Shift Lever 

  • RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifting 



  • I-SPEC EV or band clamp options 

SL-M5100-L Front Shift Lever 

  • Universal shifter for 10- and 11-speed systems 

  • RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO shifting lever 

  • I-SPEC EV or band clamp options 

BL-M4100 non-series brake lever bl-m4100-non-series-brake-lever.jpg

  • Paired with existing BR-MT410 2-piston caliper to make an updated MT410 brake  

  • Paired with existing BR-MT420 4-piston calipers to make an updated MT420 brake 

  • New brake lever architecture 

  • I-SPEC EV 

The M6100 groupset will be available from today with M5100 and M4100 to follow. Head to Shimano’s website for a comprehensive price list and FAQs. 

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