Surrounded by the highest and most formidable peaks in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is an iconic location adventure lovers and it’s now geared up for mountain bikers too.

The Big Chook signals the start of the next phase of trail development in north east Tasmania.

Planning a visit to the Western Plains Zoo? Well don't forget to pack your MTB, as there's singletrack in them thar hills!

Offering a 10km descent and year-round chairlift access, the All Mountain trail stands as a bold new drawcard for Thredbo.

An off the beaten track destination with some of the most unique and spectacular trails in existence.

You mightn't have heard of the Derby but that’s certainly going to change as Travis Deane reports.

This classic MTB riding area was recently given a new lease of life.

High in the Italian Alps, Steve Thomas pads up for a big job and finds more than he’d bar gained for.

Most mountain bikers know about the great riding on offer in New Zealand but Wellington isn’t the first destination that comes to mind—this anomaly needs to change!

Western North Carolina isn’t the first place that comes to mind when planning a MTB trip to the USA, but sometimes taking the road less travelled brings its rewards.

In the world of singletrack, investigative journalism is a wonderful thing. Late last year this role took me past the barriers and red tape to ride Tasmania’s then yet-to-be opened Hollybank Mountain Bike Park as well as the trails of Derby, which were still a work in progress at the time.

Sicily has it all; fine food, fine trails, fine food, history, volcanoes, beautiful coastlines and fine food. If you’re lucky there may even be a little mud, rain and snow thrown in, as Huw Kingston found out!

Cappadocia, in central Turkey, is one of the most spectacular places on earth. Steve Thomas finds that it’s also home to some the best and most unusual mountain biking around.

Located up in the top end of Western Australia, Karratha isn’t the place you’d expect to find a vibrant MTB community. But Travis Deane discovered that this part of the Pilbara isn’t all about red earth and mining.

From oxygen depleted 4,000 metre high mountain passes to rugged coastlines and dark damp forests, Taiwan is much more than just a manufacturing heavyweight—it’s overflowing with natural beauty too.

Ever wanted to try a fatbike? Perhaps you’ve got one and really want to put it to good use. In either case, this fully supported Cape York adventure could be just the ticket.