Red Hill trials Arthurs Seat gondola for mtb

If you're looking to save your legs on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, you're in luck - a trial of mountain bike uplifts on The Eagle gondola is set to run until late September.

The lift directly services around 12km of the trails around Red Hill, with a set of trails a five-minute ride away from the top of the chair. Another set of trails is 15min away.


The uplifttakes 14 minutes.

The new all-season Eagle gondola opened in December 2016 to carry passengers to the summit of Arthurs Seat, with a combination of Swiss-built enclosed and open gondola cabins providing a year-round experience for passengers.

The Eagle makes it easy for people with disabilities, families with prams and toddlers and more elderly patrons to check out one of the nicest views in the area.

The trial will run until 21 September 2018, seven days a week, as The Eagle assesses usage levels. 


Tickets cost between $30 and $45.

"It was great," said Melbourne rider Cristian Brunelli, who tried the lift with his two sons.

"We did three hours and got in four runs on the lift. If you're young and fit, you can probably get in seven or eight runs."

The Red Hill Riders MTB club has been working with the Eagle for the last year, and the partnership will continue with the building of more trails, with the aim of making Red Hill the best place for mountain biking in Victoria.

Riders can choose betweentwo half-day uplifts - 10am-1pm tickets or 1pm-4pm. Types of tickets available will also be reviewed after the trial period.


Thanks to Cristian Brunelli for the photos

More information is available here. It's worth noting that the gondolas do not operate in strong winds, so it's worth calling before booking if you are unsure of the weather conditions.


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