What’s in the latest issue of MBA?

It’s that time of year again, MBA magazine time! We have a bumper issue for February/March/April 20 and can’t wait to share it with you. 

This issue takes us to some pretty weird places (geographically speaking). We follow five-time Tour de France rider Pat Jonker as he is introduced to mountain biking in the Himalayas. That’s right, you heard that correctly. Not the first place one thinks of when it comes to a beginner level and the story is certainly one to check out. 

Other features include WA icon Travis Deane’s musings on the Southern Peaks event down in Albany as well as Huw Kingston’s personal history with the new Thredbo Valley extension trail.


Bike tests put two offerings from Norco under the microscope, the Sight A2 and Torrent. There’s also a bonus new bike guide for 2020 with a wide variety of rigs previewed to help you make an informed choice. 

There’s plenty of gear reviews as well as your regular workshop step-by-step from the legendary John Hardwick. 

We hope you enjoy this issue! If you did, please consider subscribing to get your regular MTB fix delivered.

Bicycling Australia

Here is the latest cycling news from Australia and around the world, plus an offer for you to receive a free RidePac wallet + invite to join our weekly virtual training ride on Zwift.

Mobile phone, credit card, ID, cash and cycling … it’s always a juggle isn’t it. Ask 10 ten riders and you’ll probably get 10 different opinions on how best to carry those ‘don’t leave home’ essentials when out on the bike.

During the previous nationwide lockdown the sport of cycling enjoyed boom times with local bike shops reporting some of their busiest periods ever. Bike shops will remain open and again are expected to be extremely busy.