Who wants to do cross training? I mean, really? It just interferes with trail time and down time. Here's five sneaky ways you can get the benefits of working out without the effort

Fancy a beer and burger the night before a big ride, or maybe a bucket of KFC is the only food option available; will it ruin you or can these foods fuel your ride?

You’ve just smashed yourself on a big session and need to replenish the stores. If you’re feeling tired cooking is probably the last thing you feel like doing, but this recipe is quick, easy, totally delicious and nutritious!

Good ride food doesn't have to be heavily processed and horrible tasting.

When the weather hots up, good hydration becomes critical. Here's how you can keep on top of your bodies needs.

Adequate hydration is critical, especially in summer. Here’s a collection of products that’ll ensure that you’ve got what’s required when the heat is on.

Fat Loss

Matt Hart looks at some of the dieting options that you’ll be faced with if you’re want to shed a few kilos…


Matt Heart, mountain biker, coach and director of Torq Fitness in the UK sheds some light on cramp, hydration and fuelling… Cramp and hydration are two subjects that many people consider to be inevitably linked (like Fish & Chips or G&T), but this isn’t necessarily the case. Dehydration can cause cramp for sure, but you might want to look at a few other things before making this assumption…