Travis starts Sunday's events feeling a little worse for wear....

Hidden on the South-West tip of Australia, Albany comes alive every September for the adrenaline-inducing Southern Peaks event.

Part II kicks off at the adrenaline-inducing Rotorua Skyline Park.

Budget world MTB traveller Grant Stirling tastes his first ever guided tour. Was he a convert?

Can you handle the legendary Convict 100 MTB race?

Shredding in the Sunshine


Every April, the Sunshine Coast MTB Festival lights up a region better known for its beaches and mimosas.

35 km worth of trails are set to open at Wanaka on New Zealand's South Island.

Huw Kingston has seen Thredbo change a lot over the years. He recently headed back and reflected on his own personal history with the mountains.

MBA's Huw Kingston rides the trail less travelled and experiences some of the oldest civilisations on Earth

Dan finds a buddy on the road as he pushes on towards Jindabyne.

Daniel Oakman set off to conquer Australia's rooftop in an alpine 
race for the ages.

Thredbo is the ultimate MTB destination and YHA is the perfect place to stay.

Ever chased down a brumby to kick off an MTB race? Nope, me either. That’s just one of the delights the Snowies Mountain Bike Festival throws at riders when the traditional ski haven turns into a mountain biking celebration.

Back to our routes

Our beloved sport sure has moved on over the years, but is it all for the best? Have we lost the mountain and stuck with the biking?

Bike to the Future

Mountain biking is all about freedom, independence and joy. But what if that essence was ripped away? Imagine no more. Welcome to Australia, 2030...

Tim Robson went to the Redback expecting 
a race. What he found was much, much more.