Power to the people

The e-bike debate continues but this time we hear from a recent convert to the powered pedal.

Check out the highlights from the latest issue of MBA.

An ode to lockdown.

The National Championships will be heading to Tasmania for the next two years.

The Townsville Mountain Bike Strategy is set to provide an MTB playground for North Queensland.

WEMBO's World Solo 24 Hour World Championships have been postponed until 2021.

Riders won't be able to head out to trails in the wake of Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne.

Organisers have made the unsurprising decision to postpone the famous Croc Trophy.

Huw explores the role e-bikes have to play in promoting a healthy population.

E-MTBs. Where do you stand on them? Longtime contributor Huw Kingston acknowledges they have changed the mountain biking world but not for the better.

The governing body have made a call on the 2020 National Championships in the face of COVID-19.

Rocky Trail's NSW events will go ahead in addition to three new North Queensland offerings.

One of Australia's biggest MTB trail networks is back up and running!

Italian brand Pirelli are moving in on the race market.

Sea Otter Australia won't be making waves in 2020.

German brand YT Industries have launched a new partnership with Pushys.